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I'm worried if I don't have it, I'm relieved if I have it


with COVID-19

The world will be transformed into a "new lifestyle" by COVID-19.
What are your thoughts on future measures?

Ventilation that takes in outside air in hot, humid or cold conditions loses comfort and is uneconomical. Electricity prices are also soaring. There may also be power supply restrictions.

Ventilation with the windows open increases the power consumption of the air conditioner.
Electricity consumption goes against SDGs activities such as CO2 reduction and decarbonization.

However, infection control cannot be avoided. It will continue to take root in the future.
We cannot lower the level of countermeasures. Isn't it necessary to switch the countermeasure method?

Would you like to change the unpleasant, uneconomical and time-consuming method of cleaning the air by opening the windows?

Contribute to the prevention of droplet infection with "Fugaku"

A collaborative research team led by the Computational Science Research Center Unified Solution Solution Research Team, which performed simulations using the supercomputer "Fugaku"

With partition (160 cm) Without partition (160 cm)

How the polluted air in the office is being purified

A state after 710 seconds (11 minutes 50 seconds) after starting ventilation with the air in the office (18 people, 269 m3) uniformly polluted. The bluer it is, the cleaner it is. Partitions block the flow of air and create poorly ventilated areas (red and orange) in some parts of the room (left). It is necessary to take measures to circulate the air with an electric fan.

Provided by: Kobe University, RIKEN Cooperation: Kajima Corporation, Daikin Industries, Ltd.
How the polluted air in the multipurpose hall is being purified

We evaluated the ventilation performance of air-conditioning equipment in an existing hall (about 14,000 m3) in Kawasaki City with about 2,000 spectators seated. Ventilation starts from the state where the air in the hall is virtually contaminated (red). Ventilation proceeds from the audience seats by sending clean air from the air conditioner under the audience seats. The bluer it is, the cleaner it is. The audience seats were clean in about 3 minutes.

Provided by: Kobe University, Kajima Corporation
Cooperation: RIKEN, Kawasaki City

理研ニュース No.473 2020年11月発行 (

Late summer heat and winter forecasts are affected by the La Niña phenomenon

Due to the effects of global warming, the temperature of the entire atmosphere will be high all over the globe.
Due to the effects of the La Niña event, sea surface temperatures are expected to be low in the central to eastern equatorial Pacific and high in the western tropical Pacific to the eastern Indian Ocean. Therefore, cumulonimbus clouds are expected to occur less near the International Date Line in the equatorial Pacific, but more from the Bay of Bengal to the east of the Philippines.
Due to these effects, westerly winds will tend to flow northwards from the Eurasian Continent to the east of Japan. For this reason, it is expected that the whole country will be easily covered with warm air.
In the first half of the period, there will be a period when warm and humid air tends to flow around the edge of the Pacific anticyclone, which is stronger than normal, mainly on the Pacific side of eastern and western Japan and Okinawa/Amami.

Japan Meteorological Agency

Combined with purifying the air,
We will propose a method of balancing.

I'm worried if I don't have it, I'm relieved if I have it
Part 1
Healthy and safe living environment

Clean mat fine dust suction machine

A comfortable space that blocks various bacteria, fine dust, and harmful substances that flow into the room

Universal gravitational force

Everything, including dust, bacteria and viruses, falls to the ground and floor.
Various substances adhere to the soles of shoes and bring them into the living environment. People bring it in.

The invisible harmful substances that have flowed in will fly up due to convection.
Many harmful substances are floating on the floor and several tens of cm above the floor.

It may directly or indirectly affect the human body.

This CLEAN MAT is Suctions and removes harmful substances in the grooves on the soles of shoes!

Circular gate. The shape can be customized
event venue
Station gate
Main features



Adjustable operating time

Controllable movement direction (sensor detects people, timer function available)
Filter replacement notification function

It is used in about 20 countries around the world.

AIR MAX Product introduction

By installing it together with a phosphorescent photocatalyst product, it becomes more effective and you can realize a safe and secure living environment and a comfortable space.

The size and shape can be customized. Please feel free to contact us.
Yuhido is an authorized dealer of AIR MAX.

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